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SignalMind responsive website builder - simplified

While many of our customers have created amazing responsive websites on the SignalMind platform, the feedback we have been receiving is that becoming proficient with our responsive site builder does require a learning curve. It is nice not to be constrained by an inflexible cookie-cutter template, yet building a unique design from scratch takes time and patience.

We've put some thought into how we can simplify the process of creating responsive sites while still giving our clients the full rein to customize the page layout and design. Please welcome our new feature - Page Blocks!


Build Mobile-First Responsive Sites with SignalMind

noah-smallToday we are happy to make our big announcement official: you can now build mobile-first responsive sites on SignalMind!

(If you have already watched our responsive site builder videos or tried this feature - please note that we've made some significant interface changes and added features since our "soft" release a few weeks ago. More on that below).

Launching even a simple website that works across device sizes and is custom to your brand and your message has not been as easy as it should be.

Personally, I love Wordpress, and I have relied on it in too many occasions. With all the available plugins and themes Wordpress seems like the most suitable and universal option. Creating a website in Wordpress typically means one of the following:

Mobile Marketing for Realtors - Infographic

mobile-marketing-for-realtorsDid you know that 94% of homebuyers start their search online? Or that 89% use a mobile device during their research? These reasons and many more are why mobile marketing is essential for realtors.

Check out our new infographic (with additional mobile marketing stats, tools and ideas for realtors).

Unlimited free demo sites

With yesterday's release SignalMind plans now come with unlimited Demo sites. How this works is - when any site is first created, it is in Demo mode (displaying a gray line with "demo" on the site's pages). Sites in Demo mode are free (not counted towards your usage).

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

RestaurantMobile marketing is a powerful promotional tool in any industry. In the restaurant business, the potential rewards from a fully implemented mobile marketing strategy are particularly alluring.

About 95% of smartphone users search for restaurants on their mobile devices. A staggering 90% of those users become same-day conversions. In fact, 64% of them make a purchase at the restaurant within an hour of their mobile search (according to Mobile Mixed). The challenge that many restaurant owners face today is finding mobile marketing ideas that will allow them to reach this target audience and get an edge over their competition.

New features, new designs!

This morning we've released a few new features:

1. Image tags

In the icon library we added the ability to search for icons by tags (e.g. search by topic, such as "restaurant", or search by color, such as "green"). Also, you can organize images by adding your own tags to icons:

The Loyal Customer: Building Customer Loyalty & Brand Advocates

Building customer loyaltyAs any business owner will tell you, regardless of company size, budget, or consumer base, the battle isn't won once you've landed the customer, but once you've gained their loyalty. Getting the sale will allow you to improve your bottom line today, but it's only through brand loyalty that you can create a business that thrives in the long term.

But that is wherein the problem lies for most brands: how do you build that crucial customer loyalty, and how do you turn your consumers into brand advocates?

In this guide, we'll share some invaluable tips and strategies that can give you the opportunity to build brand loyalty, and turn your customers into supporters who will spread the word about your business' products or services.