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What is Near-Field Communication (NFC)? How Does it Work?

NFCNear-Field Communication (or NFC) has been around, in some form, for decades. However, thanks to the growing popularity of smart phones and mobile devices, NFC is now being widely used to make it even easier for tech-savvy individuals to share, shop, and stay up to date anytime, anywhere. In this guide, we'll take an in-depth look at the basics of NFC technology, how it works, and what the future holds for Near-Field Communication.

A few takeaways from SXSW 2014

We've just gotten back from one of the major events in the industry - South By Southwest (the interactive session). Unfortunately we were late in trying to book a booth on the exhibit floor, so the goal was to learn where our industry and the world are headed, and what to anticipate in the near future. Here are a few takeaways from SXSW 2014. Also, I had to take a picture of this ad I saw on a bus:

Mobile POS: Restaurant & Retail Point of Sale Systems

Image credit: Until recently, point of sale systems were typically aimed at big business. They involved bulky (and often costly) equipment that usually didn't allow small retailers and restaurants to reap the many rewards of POS technologies. However, thanks to the growing popularity of mobile point of sale systems, businesses of any size can increase profits and boost their overall customer service thanks to mobile POS. In this guide, we'll discuss the basics and benefits of mPOS, as well as share a few tips that may help you to decide if it's right for your retail or restaurant business.

Who owns your loyal customers?

Image credit: A loyalty program seems to be an ideal tool for businesses to cultivate their own marketing list. Yet, with the growing popularity of customer loyalty programs, I am seeing an alarming trend: business owners often do not own their member data!


Send beautiful emails using SignalMind Loyalty Program module

I am very excited to announce that now you can easily create attractive and mobile-friendly email campaigns with our Loyalty Program's email marketing feature!

[Read the official press release here on PRWeb: "SignalMind Enhances Customer Loyalty Program with Email Marketing"] 

This new feature provides just the tools needed for creating and delivering emails that encourage repeat business from loyal customers, and look great on any device. If you are familiar with our mobile site builder, you'll feel right at home when designing your email campaigns:

  • simply place elements (widgets) in any order you like
  • create attractive call-to-action buttons right there in our platform (no need to use any graphic design tools)
  • apply styling to widgets (backgrounds, rounded corners)
  • add mail-merge fields as needed
  • customize your recipient list based on your criteria with granular list filtering
  • see stats on email opens and clicks.

Valentine's Day Marketing: Ideas, Slogans, Sales

Valentine Day Marketing Ideas Valentine's Day is a time when sweethearts can show their love and appreciation by giving the perfect gift. That means that this beloved holiday also happens to be a golden opportunity for businesses to make a significant profit. The question is: how do you get customers in the door (or to your ecommerce site) so that you can make the most of Valentine sales? In this guide, we'll share some of the top Valentine's Day marketing ideas, including Valentine's Day marketing slogans that can tug at your customer base's heartstrings and boost your bottom line.

Our agency has web developers. So why use a solution for mobile web development?

Today's digital agency does not play by the same rules as yesterday's ad agency, especially when it comes to technical skills. While clients demand multi-channel marketing strategies, interactive media has moved into a lead position over conventional media for many brands.

Industry-Chicago-JasonEnglishWithout a web component, even the best branding will fail to engage customers who increasingly expect to make buying decisions using the Internet. It's no surprise that digital agencies are still on the rise, and even established agencies are heavily invested in hiring technical talent to staff up their interactive divisions.

So if I've got an interactive division of an agency, why would I use a solution like SignalMind, rather than just building out the mobile web presence for our customers as an adjunct to their existing website project?