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Announcing integration with Zapier

For those of you who have not heard of Zapier, it's an awesome service that acts as a middleman for integrating various SaaS platforms. In a nutshell, with Zapier you can create connections ("zaps") to push data from one application/platform to another using triggers and actions.  

We are super-excited about publishing our app on Zapier earlier this month. Now any website form created on SignalMind can act as a trigger and send data to many of the 500+ platforms currently registered on Zapier. Most popular CRM and marketing platforms have already registered on Zapier, and now you can integrate your website forms to push data directly to your account with these platforms, creating leads or contacts. 

Being mindful of the White Label requirements, we've configured our Zapier app to be in private mode (meaning that the integration needs to be initiated from a form in your SignalMind account, your clients will see an app called "Responsive Site Builder" in Zapier, and there is no mentioning of SignalMind).

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