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Mobile landing page, website and microsite - what's the difference?

mobile landing page You've probably heard the terms "mobile landing page", "mobile website" and "mobile microsite" a thousands times by now. What's the difference between these three, and in what situations should each be used?

A "mobile website" is typically used to display general information about a business, and is targeted at a general mobile visitor who may be looking for anything related to the business.


Selling to non-techy clients

Selling to non-technical clientsOne of the common mistakes many of us make is not dumbing things down enough. The terminology and concepts may seem easy when we deal with them on a daily basis, but may be completely over the head for an average business owner. In fact, too much jargon and industry lingo may scare them away.

The rule of thumb is too keep things as easy as possible (and that applies both to explaining the options as well as covering as much work as you can for your client). Often this means taking a little risk, making a decision for your client or applying a bit more effort. However it is all well worth it in the end.

How much to charge for a mobile website

how much to charge for a mobile website The question we get asked a lot is "How much to charge for a mobile site?"

Just like with traditional web development, prices charged for setting up a mobile website vary greatly depending on the type of client's business, the requirements, the value of the site to the client, and the agency or freelancer doing the work. In this post I'd like to mention a few things that may help in developing your pricing guidelines.

Why responsive design is not always the best choice

responsive web designResponsive web design has been a popular topic in 2012. With Google noting that responsive design is the "preferred" method for developing smartphone sites, and enough bloggers re-posting on the idea without really looking deep enough into the subject, Googling "responsive web design" now makes you feel like the age of custom mobile websites has already come to its end.

But is it so?

Not so much, if you look at a couple of factors:

Is responsive design a must for mobile SEO?

SEO Responsive Web DesignIn this article I've mentioned why responsive web design is not always the best option. The popular buzz of 2012, responsive design does not always offer the best mobile experience, increase conversions, and often is not the route that the big consumer brands take.

With Google noting that responsive design is the "preferred" method for developing smartphone sites, there's been a popular assumption that the "preferred" is turning into a "must" for mobile SEO.

A separate mobile site (on its own m. or .mobi URL) creates a couple of challenges for Google:

5 Reasons Why Mobile Web Marketing Is Still A Challenge

We‘ve all seen the statistics on the staggering growth of mobile. According to Google, mobile search will be surpassing the desktop search by the end of next year, with Google's mobile ad revenue reaching $8 billion this year (which is more than 3 times the increase from last year).

And yet, many brands and agencies have been slow in utilizing the mobile channels in their marketing efforts. The typical challenges are the ability to track the right metrics, difficulty in understanding the consumer context, questionable effectiveness of the mobile ads and conflicting "best practices" advised by the industry leaders. Read the full article here.

Custom CSS Classes in piJnz

This morning we've added the ability to add your own custom CSS classes to any elements on your mobile page. If you understand CSS and HTML and would like to add a certain style to a mobile page element directly via CSS - you can now do so.

Here is how this works:

New SignalMind Analytics From piJnz Provides Deep Metrics and Site Management Capabilities Across Mobile Marketing Campaigns

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - Nov 15, 2012) - piJnz Group, the mobile customer engagement company, today announces the release of SignalMind -- a mobile web analytics and landing page management platform designed to offer marketing professionals comprehensive visibility across their mobile web marketing campaigns.
(Read the full press release here.)