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Closing the Deal with Good Sales Questions

Sales Qualifying Questions Sales is about more than making money or increasing market share. Fundamentally, it is about meeting the needs of the customer in a way that benefits both sides.  Good sales questions define the difference between mediocre and record-breaking results.

Most salespeople are able to pique interest, but may experience challenges when qualifying the customer or closing the sale.  Once the other party expresses interest, the types of questions posed will make the difference between closing the deal and walking away empty-handed.

12 Signs Somebody is Ready to Buy

Ready to buy One of the hardest cues to decipher is when a customer is truly ready to buy.  While it can be a bit of a challenge in person, it is considerably more challenging when communication is conducted via phone or email.  However, that is exactly how business gets done these days.  Sales professionals must learn to recognize buying cues, regardless of the communication medium.

How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Capture Moments (infographic)

capturing moments on mobileHere is something fun for you all : )

Let's step away from talking about how mobile is influencing the way business is done, and mention the changes to our personal life - specifically, how mobile is changing the way we capture life moments.

Did you know that today we snap as many photographs every two minutes as humanity as a whole did in the 1800s?

Or, for instance, these things would seldom be photographed before smart phones became mainstream:


A Quick Guide to Facebook News Feed Advertising

In your Facebook news feed you've probably seen posts marked as "sponsored " or with a tag "suggested post". These posts are the recent kind of Facebook ads that became available in the news feed last year.

Facebook sponsored stories

Image credit:

Whereas a typical post by a Facebook business page is visible only to people who liked that page, these "in-feed" ads are displayed to both the people who liked the page, and to their friends.

What's so cool about the in-feed ads is that, unlike traditional ads, they visually appear less like an ad and more like an organically shared piece of content. Since many of us have learned to tune out ads, these in-feed ads are more likely to grab our attention and may be a great way for a businesses to increase awareness and engagement.

What's so uncool about in-feed ads is that, if done incorrectly (aka - irrelevant to the user) they are perceived as spam. Aside from the fact that spam creates a negative impression of your brand, irrelevant ads can also harm your campaign rankings. Since, unlike TV viewers, Facebook users are able to get proactive, irrelevant in-feed ads will  get reported as spam (which drives the ad's news feed impressions down to the bottom).

Networking Etiquette: How to Be a Good Networker

Networking tipsAs people become increasingly wrapped up in social media, networking is in danger of becoming a lost art. Networking is still the most reliable way to get promoted, land lucrative contracts, and find choice jobs.

Everybody should know how to be a good networker, both online and off-line. Network relationships are most powerful when based on real-world connections, and social media can help by keeping these connections alive. Read on to learn how to blend classic techniques with modern social media.

Successful Cold Calling Tips and Techniques

cold calling If you consider cold calling to be a useless sales technique, think again. Successful cold calling can open new doors, bring in new clients, and grow your personal network.

Making cold calls is not for everybody, but if you are an entrepreneur you already possess the drive and passion necessary for making cold calls successful.

Mobile SEO, and getting a mobile site to "show up" on Google

Image credit: In a few previous posts on mobile SEO I talked about on-page optimization tactics (keywords/content optimization, dealing with duplicate content issues, etc). Today I'd like to make an attempt in addressing a question we've been asked a lot lately: "How to get this mobile site to show up on Google?"

In a nutshell:
1) Currently the best way to get your mobile site to show up on Google is to focus your efforts on desktop site SEO (with a mobile redirect in place).
2) Simply adding meta tags or optimizing keywords is not enough (unless the competition is very low).


Who are your best (and worst) customers?

Good Customers For any business, getting customers is a top concern. But are all customers created equal?

For a marketing agency or a freelancer, the best customers can become indispensable in growing your business. Your worst customers can suck up your time and energy, send your costs through the roof and jeopardize the success of their own projects while providing little in return in terms of referrals or testimonials.

Besides paying on time and other revenue-related advantages, your best customers do so much more for you.