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SignalMind responsive website builder - simplified

While many of our customers have created amazing responsive websites on the SignalMind platform, the feedback we have been receiving is that becoming proficient with our responsive site builder does require a learning curve. It is nice not to be constrained by an inflexible cookie-cutter template, yet building a unique design from scratch takes time and patience.

We've put some thought into how we can simplify the process of creating responsive sites while still giving our clients the full rein to customize the page layout and design. Please welcome our new feature - Page Blocks!

Page blocks allow you to build responsive pages faster by simplifying the creation of common page sections.  A “page block” is a common page part, such as a page footer, page header, a section with three columns, a section with two columns, or a section with a landing form. You would add the page blocks from the widgets library, and you can mouse over a page block in the widgets library to see the preview:


Once you add a page block, you can add, remove or replace components in it, move the components around as needed and change their width, style and content.

Watch this quick tutorial video on how to add page blocks, and how to edit, add and position elements on a page:

(1.5 min)

We've made a few other improvements to the page editor, making it easier to move elements around the page. See our new quick tutorial videos on building responsive websites with SignalMind!

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