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New in piJnz: Mobile Directory features, SEO enhancements, and more

Our piJnz team has been working hard these last few weeks, and we are excited to finally announce the list of latest enhancements.

1. First, let's start with our new product - Mobile Directory. Since going live with it, we've been getting really great feedback (thank you!). This morning we've published a few new features, based on popular requests:

piJnz referral program is now live

Refer people to piJnz and earn 25% of monthly revenue from your referrals.

We'd like to announce that our affiliate program is now live. Earn a residual revenue stream when you refer people to piJnz and they sign up for our paid service.More...

Introducing piJnz Mobile Directory

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to search for local information and deals. The majority of mobile searches are local. (A good example: the search keyword “restaurants near me” generates 40,000 searches/month on mobile devices.)

piJnz is announcing the release of our new cloud-based product: Mobile Directory, that allows publications, communities, chambers of commerce and hotels to build and manage their own branded and searchable mobile directory to connect local and visiting customers with the local businesses.

New in piJnz: custom visual reports, and more

We are happy to announce a few new features that were added to piJnz platform earlier today:

1. First, our new reporting interface (click on the "stats/reports" link in a website account dashboard):

  • Create visual and custom reports based on your own performance indicators (e.g. visits, form submissions, payments or calls generated from a mobile website or a page)

  • Analyze results via the "conversion funnel" (total contacts made on the mobile site versus the total number of visits)

  • Easily export your reports into PDF files for sharing with clients or other interested parties.


piJnz is integrated with Constant Contact and

piJnz is now integrated with Constant Contact and You can now push your mobile form submissions into your account, based on your own custom criteria, and even assign them to your campaigns.
You can also automatically transfer your mobile form submissions into your Constant Contact subscriber list.

Stay tuned for more!

W3C Mobile OK checker and Mobile Web Best Practices - a bit outdated?

With a few major brand websites not validating on W3C checker and not caring much about it, it seems that W3C validation is loosing its relevancy in the desktop web world.
What about the W3C MobileOK checker? Should mobile content publishers worry about their mobile pages validating against the W3C mobile standards? Does the W3C MobileOK compliance help insure the cross-device compatibility of the mobile content? These questions have come up lately, and I've decided to write a blog post to help shed some light on this matter.

1. According to website:

"Being mobileOK is neither a guarantee that the Web document may be rendered correctly by all mobile devices, nor an insurance that the user experience was correctly addressed."
This statement is self-explanatory - just because the site validates, it doesn't mean it looks good or functions correctly across the mobile devices. By no means treat MobileOK as any form of device compatibility assurance.

Answers to questions on today's webinar

Thank you all for attending today's webinar on mobile coupons. Since we had a bit of a glitch with the webinar software, and I could not answer your questions in real time, I thought I'd post the answers here. I could not quite understand some of the questions, please call or email us if you don't see the answer to your question here.

New in piJnz: mobile coupons, mobile sitemaps, better dashboard, and more

We are happy to announce a couple of powerful features that we’ve added to piJnz platform this week:

1. Mobile Coupon Generator

In the US coupon usage has been on the rise (probably due to the recession, as well as the popularity of the digital coupons and the daily deal sites that made coupons not only easier to distribute and use, but also more socially acceptable).

Our new mobile coupon generator comes with a few powerful features:

  • (Optional) controlled redemption: coupon can be redeemed once per customer (to help prevent coupon fraud or abuse)

  • Coupons can be redeemed at multiple stores, with store tracking

  • With multiple location redemption visitors see the location closest to them

  • Automated scheduling (start date and expiration date)

  • More...