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October mobile website of the month!

Mobile website of the monthAnd the winner is..!

We are happy to announce the October mobile website of the month, and big congratulations to Kevin! not only looks great, but is also a big and highly functional site: a full mobile directory with business listings for multiple cities, featuring local restaurants, places to stay and visit, and a newsletter subscription.

And I love the name/URL concept: "Kildare" - how clever!


Submit your mobile site to piJnz Mobile Website of the Month contest. The winner site will be featured in our blog and newsletter, and the winner will get a little prize!

Creating an interactive mobile page header with "hot spots" (video)

mobile header - navigation iconsLooking to add a bit of custom touch to your mobile site? Here is a very easy way to do it. All you need is Photoshop (or your favorite graphics program) and a piJnz account.

With our platform you can easily make any graphic interactive by adding "hot spots" - links to other pages, tap-to-call or email sharing triggers, "back" links, and other interactive options.

Creating a mobile restaurant menu with piJnz

restaurant menu mobile siteWith piJnz you can create slick and fast-loading restaurant menus pretty easily. Since any widget or section of your mobile page can be made collapsible (expand in "accordion-style" when a mobile visitors taps on the section header), you can be very creative in how you want to organize the mobile menu for your restaurant client:

  • Create a page for each menu section (e.g. "Salads", "Appetizers", "Main Course") and drag a few Text or Image+Text widgets to show the individual dishes or specials.
  • Simply add your menu sections on one page as collapsible panels in accordion-style navigation.

Mobile Website of the Month contest

Mobile Website of the MonthWin a Website of the Month Contest!

Submit your mobile site to piJnz Mobile Website of the Month contest!

The winner site will be featured in our blog and newsletter, and the winner will get a free upgrade to the Premium Kickstart account for 3 months and 50% off after that for life.

After you submit your site, don't forget to ask your friends to vote for you!

We hope to make it a monthly contest.

(Submissions for October contest end on October 31st at 12pm CST).

How to integrate a mobile form with Aweber

Aweber - a newsletter marketing platform popular among internet marketers - makes it very easy to push leads and contacts from your mobile site or a landing page directly into an Aweber account. All you need to do is generate a "web form" in your Aweber account, and add it to your piJnz mobile page via the Custom HTML widget.

Adding a Google translator plugin to your mobile site

Mobile site translatorLet me start with saying that I am a big opponent of relying on auto-translation tools, and here is why. It may be a good idea to start with an auto-translator to cover some of the manual work, but if your purpose is to provide a clear marketing message to potential customers, you really cannot go without a human being fluent in both languages to at least verify that the translation makes sense.

However, we've had a few requests about adding an auto-translate feature as part of the platform. While we don't have immediate plans to enable automated translation as part of piJnz, there is a great workaround that is also very easy to implement, should you want to add this feature to your mobile sites.

How to create a mobile survey with piJnz (video)

mobile surveyWith piJnz you can create beautiful and custom mobile surveys, polls and contests. Our mobile form widget can be customized to include any type of question you need, including multi-choice questions, radio buttons, drop downs, separators to keep the form sections visually organized, multiple comments or instructions.

Survey submissions are saved in your Contacts / Leads section (to be viewed or downloaded into CSV/Excel format), or can be emailed to multiple email addresses and set to push the information into other marketing tools for further automation.

Mobile survey forms are completely customizable visually: change your colors, backgrounds and fonts, add gradients, and add any other widgets (pictures, slide shows, social sharing) to the mobile survey pages.

Also, you can "hide" a prize or a special deal behind a survey: simply set your survey form to redirect to a mobile "thank you" page with goodies you want to share with your participants for completing your survey.


Adding OpenTable reservations to a mobile site

restaurant reservations - mobile pageA popular feature with the mobile websites for restaurants is the ability to make mobile reservations via OpenTable.

In this post we will show you how to do so.

First, the restaurant needs to have an account (be listed) with OpenTable. (Visit to set up an account, if you don't have one).

There are several ways to add OpenTable reservations to your mobile website.

iPhone 5, and how it may affect your mobile website

The new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 have been out for a few weeks now, and a few customers emailed us asking for thoughts on potential impact to the mobile pages built on piJnz (and mobile websites in general).

(And after 2 weeks of waiting I finally got my new iPhone 5 in the mail on Sunday : )

Here are a few things worth mentioning: