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Send beautiful emails using SignalMind Loyalty Program module

I am very excited to announce that now you can easily create attractive and mobile-friendly email campaigns with our Loyalty Program's email marketing feature!

[Read the official press release here on PRWeb: "SignalMind Enhances Customer Loyalty Program with Email Marketing"] 

This new feature provides just the tools needed for creating and delivering emails that encourage repeat business from loyal customers, and look great on any device. If you are familiar with our mobile site builder, you'll feel right at home when designing your email campaigns:

  • simply place elements (widgets) in any order you like
  • create attractive call-to-action buttons right there in our platform (no need to use any graphic design tools)
  • apply styling to widgets (backgrounds, rounded corners)
  • add mail-merge fields as needed
  • customize your recipient list based on your criteria with granular list filtering
  • see stats on email opens and clicks.

Noise, creepiness or value? An overview of 5 mobile channels.

Noise I came across an interesting question in Quora: "Next things in mobile marketing," which warranted my response. I mentioned that the obvious issue with mobile marketing seems to be consumer resistance -- our need to weed out noise and privacy concerns.

As marketers, we have a multitude of available mobile channels to reach out to our current and potential customers: email, social media, ads, SMS, geo-fencing ads, push notifications. Many require opt-in, and thus we are facing a double challenge: how do we get the users to opt-in (considering they might already be turned off by a previous intrusive experience with this channel), and once they've opted in - how can we keep them opted in and engaged.

Work life balance: 12 ways to achieve It

Image credit: When you run your own business, it is go-go-go-go-go, and achieving work life balance might seem as fantastical as a unicorn. If you are constantly answering emails, crunching numbers or finding your mind occupied with work, you are not living, you’re working all the time.

The trouble with a poor balance is that you, your loved ones and even your business suffer on all levels when you do not get time to just “be.” Popular thought leader on leadership and entrepreneurship Dr. Parker J. Palmer often says, “We are human beings, not human doings.”

Infographic: customer loyalty programs, and the benefits they can bring to your business

loyalty program infographicLess than 40% of small businesses offer a customer loyalty program, and the ones who do mostly use the old paper-based punch card solution. In the meanwhile, the latest research shows that customers not only want the loyalty programs, but they also want to receive communication from the loyalty programs, and also would choose to shop at a store that offers a loyalty program over a store that does not.
See our loyalty program infographic.

piJnz Relaunches as SignalMind (official press release)

piJnz Group today relaunches its mobile marketing product suite under the company name "SignalMind." With a new service-based HTML5 interface, a Loyalty Programs module for improving customer retention, and many other updates, the SignalMind product suite provides agencies and partners with a rapid way to deliver and optimize mobile marketing campaigns for their clients.
Read the official press release here.

Loyalty program and rebranding as SignalMind

Today we have a few big announcements to make.

First, we've just released our customer loyalty program module.


Currently less than 40% of small businesses offer a loyalty program for their customers, and the ones who do mostly use the old paper-based punch card solution. In the meanwhile, the latest research shows that:

  • 47% of consumers wish more stores offered mobile-based loyalty programs

  • 94% of members prefer to receive communication from the loyalty programs they participate in, and 57% say they always read that communication

  • 47% of consumers would choose to shop at a store that offers a loyalty program over a store that does not.


Platform upgrade, and no more Silverlight

We've finally finished upgrading our platform (control panel and mobile site builder) from Silverlight to HTML5, and the new version of the mobile site editor is live. For the next month or so you'll see a "Back to Silverlight version" button in the top menu (just in case you'd like to use the old version of the page editor).

How to prevent "Faulty Redirects" with piJnz

faulty redirects - GoogleEarlier this summer Google has announced a few changes in ranking of smartphone search results, possibly penalizing sites that are not following the new recommendations. One of the most common ones is "Faulty Redirects". A "faulty redirect" is when a user is redirected to an irrelevant page on the mobile site. For instance, when a smartphone user arrives at a specific secondary desktop page - "about us" page or "products" page - as a result of Google search or direct entry, and is redirected to the home page of the mobile site.

3 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics That Work in 2013

Guerrilla marketing strategies are those that are outside the box, creative, and difficult to define. With this type of marketing, the focus is on creating buzz and visibility. Guerrilla marketing tactics are often funny, sometimes shocking, and attention grabbing. When you look at successful guerrilla marketing examples, you see extensive use of humor, lots of visuals, plays on “humanisms” and pop culture references.

The idea is to play on human responses and emotions rather than present a sale, product release, or pitch. While guerrilla marketing is a little risky, it tends to be less expensive than traditional advertising, and also far more rewarding.