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Event: See piJnz at the International CTIA Wireless 2012 Show

We are excited to announce that piJnz will be exhibiting at the International CTIA Wireless 2012 Show in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 8th - 10th, 2012.

Visit piJnz at booth #4478
Located in the Tech Zone Area
10- E-Tech Launch Pad on your show maps

Follow us on Twitter @pijnz for live show updates use the #pijnz-ctia hashtag to follow our at the show updates and shares.

Infographic: coupons are still a powerful marketing tool

Mobile dealAccording to the latest research from multiple sources (Nielson, MarketingProfs, Juniper Research), coupon usage in the US has been on the rise, probably due to several factors, including the recession as well as the growing popularity and ease of use of digital coupons, daily deal sites and mobile coupons.

Coupons have become very accepted socially. Surprisingly, the heavier coupon users tend to be on an affluent side, with annual household income of $100K+.

This is all useful news for marketers, as coupons can be a very effective tool to increase revenue.

Introducing m-commerce, Zoho CRM integration, and more

We are happy to announce a couple of powerful features that we've added to the piJnz platform this week:

1. M-commerce or the ability for mobile page visitors to pay with PayPal or with a credit card

Since mobile media naturally offers a high conversion rate, it only makes sense to give an interested visitor an easy way to purchase your product, service, ticket or a membership, or to make a donation to your cause - right from their phone.

With piJnz you can customize and control the full checkout experience, direct your customers to a specific "Thank You" page after the transaction is completed (and to your own "Cancel" page if they backed out) and reliably track the transactions in your PayPal account:

Gradient backgrounds and rounded corners on mobile page sections

Rounded corners, gradient backgrounds on mobile pagesWe've recently added a new cool feature - the ability to add custom gradients, gradient backgrounds and rounded corners under any element on a mobile site (forms, links, buttons, image galleries, widget headers and widget content areas) - all without any CSS or HTML editing.

You can also adjust spacing (padding) arround any element, highlight individual links or headers with a unique color or gradient, and have more control over the look of the mobile pages in general.

Just click on the Style icon next to a widget on the page - there are a ton of options there to be a true artist!

See the example on the left and visit to see this page in action (note, this is a demo page, and the link there are not functional).


The dangers of auto-translation, or "the bone with an eye"

A couple of times we've been requested to add an auto-translation module, so that the mobile sites created on piJnz can automatically be published into multiple languages.

While this seems like a quick way to make the content available to a global audience, unfortunately the result may defeat your marketing purposes entirely.

Having played with various auto-translators over the past years, I wasn't impressed with the accuracy of any of them. It appears that auto-translators can be good for personal reasons, but not so much for business purposes. I've not seen a single auto-translation solution that would convey the intricacies of the language (let alone the grammar) correctly. These computer translation tools could be used as a starting point, but nothing can replace a human fluent in the target language who can look over the translated text, adjust any discrepancies and help you avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

Lime Cellular to Resell Mobile Site Builder Platform to Provide Complete Mobile Marketing Solution for Clients

Leading mobile SMS provider to include piJnz mobile CMS to allow customers to rapidly create and deploy attractive and highly functional mobile-friendly sites coordinated with mobile text campaigns.

February 20, 2012 - New York, NY and DALLAS, TX: LimeCellular, LLC, one of the world's leading providers of mobile SMS and text marketing services, today announced an agreement with Dallas-based The piJnz Group, Inc to resell its piJnzâ„  Mobile CMS platform as an automated mobile site builder within its mobile marketing packages for customers.

How to set up a mobile contest or a sweepstakes page

Mobile giveaways or contests are an effective way to grow your subscriber list (for email or mobile marketing), and to increase your brand recognition.
The main thing to consider is the legal compliance, as certain states or areas have specific rules about contests and sweepstakes, and certain areas simply don't allow them. So you want to make sure that you participants know when they are not eligible. (You want to contact your attorney regarding the details).

We've put together a quick 4 minute video on how to set up a mobile contest or a giveaway page on piJnz:

7 tips for QR code campaigns

A lot has been written lately about the best practices for QR code campaigns. Without stating the obvious too much, we'd like to mention a couple of pointers and tips:

1. Make it practical - from the mobile user's stand-point.

Scanning a QR code is an effort, and your mobile visitor is busy and easily distracted. Why should they scan?

This is why displaying a clear benefit your mobile visitor would get by scanning is absolutely essential. Clear call-to-actions like "Scan this code to join our club!" or "Scan and get 20% off your next visit!" improve the odds of grabbing your mobile visitors' attention and prompting them to take the next step.

Here is how Central Market (HEB) does it:

Build mobile sites even faster - with reusable/shared widgets

Here at piJnz we are very excited to announce a few new features that were released recently:

1. Build mobile sites even faster - with custom shared widgets. Do you find yourself configuring the same contact options or footer information on every page of the mobile site? Away with that duplicate work! Now you can save your configured widgets into your own custom shared widgets library, and simply drag them onto other pages on the mobile site.

Mobile UI design tips

Here is a list of a few tips to keep in mind when your designing your mobile UI (user interface & mobile navigation):
1. Brand consistency. If you have a current traditional website and landing pages that you'd like to mobile-optimize for smart phones and feature phones, your buttons aka hot spots should reflect similar names, labels and graphical feel for user consistency and identification.

2. Know your mobile audience and what your on-the-go visitors are looking for. Mobile visitors in most cases are needing different information than your desktop visitors, and your mobile content organization should reflect that.
What are your mobile visitors looking for? A good tool to get that information is Google Analytics, as well as putting yourself in your mobile visitor's shoes.