Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

RestaurantMobile marketing is a powerful promotional tool in any industry. In the restaurant business, the potential rewards from a fully implemented mobile marketing strategy are particularly alluring.

About 95% of smartphone users search for restaurants on their mobile devices. A staggering 90% of those users become same-day conversions. In fact, 64% of them make a purchase at the restaurant within an hour of their mobile search (according to Mobile Mixed). The challenge that many restaurant owners face today is finding mobile marketing ideas that will allow them to reach this target audience and get an edge over their competition.
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New features, new designs!

This morning we’ve released a few new features:

1. Image tags

In the icon library we added the ability to search for icons by tags (e.g. search by topic, such as “restaurant”, or search by color, such as “green”). Also, you can organize images by adding your own tags to icons:
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Platform updates: API, multi-point map and custom image libraries

I’d like to mention a few updates that we’ve released this week.

1. We’ve finalized the ability to upload Mobile Directory listings from an Excel spreadsheet. Now you can quickly populate your directory, then generate the mobile pages based on the custom page templates that you’ve designed.
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Recent updates: visit-based loyalty program option, Header Menu widget, and API additions

We are happy to announce a couple of new features that we’ve released this week:

1. First, in our Loyalty Program module we’ve added an option to assign points based on visits (instead of purchase amounts only). When you configure your loyalty program, you’ll see these two radio buttons that let you select how you would like to record points:
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The Loyal Customer: Building Customer Loyalty & Brand Advocates

Building customer loyaltyAs any business owner will tell you, regardless of company size, budget, or consumer base, the battle isn’t won once you’ve landed the customer, but once you’ve gained their loyalty. Getting the sale will allow you to improve your bottom line today, but it’s only through brand loyalty that you can create a business that thrives in the long term.

But that is wherein the problem lies for most brands: how do you build that crucial customer loyalty, and how do you turn your consumers into brand advocates?
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New infographic: the evolution of the POS system

POS-infograhics-thumbFrom the first cash register in 1883 to today’s modern, mobile POS systems, we take an in-depth look at the evolution of all that is Point of Sale.

Check out our new infographic on the evolution of the POS system.

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What is Near-Field Communication (NFC)? How Does it Work?

NFCNear-Field Communication (or NFC) has been around, in some form, for decades. However, thanks to the growing popularity of smart phones and mobile devices, NFC is now being widely used to make it even easier for tech-savvy individuals to share, shop, and stay up to date anytime, anywhere. In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the basics of NFC technology, how it works, and what the future holds for Near-Field Communication.
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A few takeaways from SXSW 2014

We’ve just gotten back from one of the major events in the industry – South By Southwest (the interactive session). Unfortunately we were late in trying to book a booth on the exhibit floor, so the goal was to learn where our industry and the world are headed, and what to anticipate in the near future. Here are a few takeaways from SXSW 2014. Also, I had to take a picture of this ad I saw on a bus:
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Mobile POS: Restaurant & Retail Point of Sale Systems

Image credit:

Image credit:

Until recently, point of sale systems were typically aimed at big business. They involved bulky (and often costly) equipment that usually didn’t allow small retailers and restaurants to reap the many rewards of POS technologies. However, thanks to the growing popularity of mobile point of sale systems, businesses of any size can increase profits and boost their overall customer service thanks to mobile POS. In this guide, we’ll discuss the basics and benefits of mPOS, as well as share a few tips that may help you to decide if it’s right for your retail or restaurant business.
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Who owns your loyal customers?

Image credit:

Image credit:

A loyalty program seems to be an ideal tool for businesses to cultivate their own marketing list. Yet, with the growing popularity of customer loyalty programs, I am seeing an alarming trend: business owners often do not own their member data!

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