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Protect your work and customize your clients access to features

Keys.This week we have released two features that many of our clients have been asking about: versioning (saving page versions with the ability to revert back to an earlier copy), and a way to customize the set of functions and features your client users have access to when they log into their account in your control panel. Let's talk about both in detail.

Granular and customizable client-level access to features and content

There can be hundreds of reasons why you may want to customize what your client sees when they log into their account. Here are several possible scenarios:

  • Client should be able to access reports only (or report and leads), but not be able to edit anything on their site.

  • Client needs to be able to only change the content but not touch the design and styles.

  • Client is very low-tech, and only wants to modify one frequently updated section of the site (e.g., be able to change the contents of one widget for their "weekly special" or "upcoming events"). The rest of the functions should be hidden or disabled to avoid confusion and mistakes.

  • User access is given to an SEO company that should access SEO settings only (TITLE and Description tags, 301 redirects) as well as the stats and reports, but not be able to edit the content or design of the site.

  • You charge extra for offering coupon management or multi-store locations, and want to make these features available to select clients only.

  • Including coupons or referral campaigns is not part of your business model, and you'd like to hide these options from your clients.

  • You want your client to have the freedom to do whatever they want to with the new pages they create, but not touch the stuff that you've done.

With this week's release we organized SignalMind features into this access grid that you can customize to address any of the above use cases, and more:


Basically you can create your custom permissions preset that applies by default to all your accounts, or customize these permissions for each individual client account. You can go as granular as giving your clients access to edit a few specific pages or
just a few widgets on a page. More on that in our knowledge base.

Protect your work with versioning

Versioning allows you to save the current state of a page and rollback to it later, if needed. This is useful if you want to protect your work from accidental damages. Or, if you are experimenting with making some changes on the site, but decide that the previous version worked better. With versioning you simply save the current version of the page, and rollback to any of the previous versions later, as needed. Here is our knowledge base article that covers that in more detail.

As always - any feedback is welcome!

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