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Mobile Coupons

With SignalMind you can easily create and publish redeemable and trackable mobile coupons and deals:

  • An option to display a Redeem button (for tracking stats) on a mobile coupon
  • With multiple location redemption, visitors see the location closest to them
  • An option to collect additional information from customers (email address or a member number) as well as require customer to enter a secret code for validation
  • Automated scheduling (based on start date and expiration date)
  • (Optional) coupons can be shared on Twitter and via email, or liked on Facebook
  • An option to save the coupon to the visitor’s phone or email to themselves
  • Coupon redemptions are recorded in the control panel, with the date and time and store number (for multi-store businesses) of each redemption
  • Highly customizable:  add any other widgets to the coupon mobile page (image galleries, video) to showcase your offer
  • API-enabled:  manage coupons via the API or upload from a spreadsheet.


Watch this short video on how to create mobile coupons with SignalMind.