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SignalMind API

SignalMind API allows you to integrate SignalMind features into your platform and dynamically generate mobile-optimized or responsive content based on your data.

Integrate SignalMind features into your platform

With our API you can:

  • create and manage user accounts, websites, and users
  • generate pages dynamically
  • create and manage coupons and multiple store locations
  • receive form submissions via webhooks.

See full API documentation.

Quickly generate mobile-optimized or responsive content

Use our API templates design toolkit (same interface you use for designing mobile or responsive pages) to create page templates. Then use our API to dynamically generate mobile-only or responsive pages based on your data, or upload your data from a spreadsheet. 


  • Quickly generate mobile-friendly or responsive pages for your inventory or listings
  • Automate generation of listings for your mobile directory
  • Dynamically generate content for testing – get stats and feedback before you invest in revamping your whole web infrastructure to become mobile-friendly or optimized for multiple screen sizes.

Simply speaking, when you need to generate many similar-looking pages on the fly (without coding)  - the SignalMind platform provides an easy way to achieve this goal. If the process gets too technical, our support team is here to help.


Note that our API is constantly evolving. If you need any additional capabilities, please send us a note at support(at)signalmind(dot).com.