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Platform updates log

October, 2017

-- Added support for Greek language

-- Visual improvements to Mobile Directory listings and search results

-- SSL support for custom and built-in control panel domains


October, 2016

-- Add SSL certificates (HTTPS) to websites. See this article for details.


April, 2016

-- Ability to add captchas to forms

-- Support for Arabic language


March, 2016

-- Added integration with Zapier. Now you can send the website form data to many of the 500+ SaaS platforms (CRM and marketing providers) registered on Zapier. See this article for details.

Feb, 2016

-- Add image slider backgrounds to pages. See this article for details.

-- File Upload field type added to the Form widget (to allow site visitors to upload files to the form).

-- "Fade" transition type added to the image gallery widget.


Nov 2015 - Jan 2016

-- Ability to set a row as visible or hidden for large and small screens.

-- Ability to specify the App Icon URL when creating pages dynamically from API or spreadsheet.

-- An option to open the Social Bar links in a new browser window.


Sept 24, 2015

-- Ability to add video backgrounds to pages. See this article for details.


Sept 9, 2015

-- Ability to upload files to sites (allowed file types are PDF, Word, Excel, MP4 and vCard). See the new Files link on a site dashboard.

-- Made it easier to paste from Word into Text widgets and the rich text editor.


July 19, 2015

-- Ability to upload favicons to sites.

-- New API method to get member info by phone number. 


May 15, 2015

New features added to the Mobile Directory:

-- Ability to customize Mobile Directory search results with custom fields (e.g. display icons for "Valet parking" or "Catering" next to applicable listings). See this article for details.

-- Ability to display listings' logos in search results.

-- Ability to rename the tabs for Search Businesses and Search Listings, and toggle map display (hide or display maps by default). Maps are now bigger.

April 18, 2015

-- Added the ability to edit existing sites and accounts via the API.

-- Ability to set the radius for category searches in Mobile Directory.


March 10-20, 2015

-- Ability to add animations / transitions to page elements. Animations can be triggered when elements become visible (on page load or scroll) and on hover. See this article for details and tips.

-- Ability to link to page sections (anchor tags) and create single page sites. See this article for details.

-- Add a blog to your site, on your website domain (e.g., See this article for details.


March 5, 2015

-- Ability to create a preview (draft) version of a page - to make changes and preview them with the client without affecting the live site. See this article for details.


February 5, 2015

-- (Hopefully) made the page editor easier to use:

-In the widgets library in the page editor notice the new Page Blocks section.  This is an easier way to add the common "page parts", such as a page footer, or a section with 3 columns. Basically, instead of creating content from scratch, you can throw in these Page Blocks, and then replace or edit widgets in them as needed. 
(Place your mouse over a Page Block in the widgets library to see the preview.) 

- We added the Up and Down arrows in the regular editor. Now you can move elements around without going into the drag-and-drop editor. 

- To edit the header information for Containers, click on the Edit (wrench) icon for that container (instead of the Style icon).

-- Maps can now be much bigger on large screens, up to 870px. In other words, your map widget can display a much wider area (on larger screens, of course), making it easier for your site visitors to determine your location. 


January 12, 2015

-- Cleanup of generated page code (CSS is stored in a separate file). 

-- Added widgets Header Menu, Social Bar and Image+Text to API templates.

-- When copying sites, the Site Settings are now copied also. 


December 12, 2014

-- Ability to create page templates (for an individual site or for all sites in your account). Customize your template library and page creation process with your own templates. See article for details

-- Vector icons (Font Awesome) added to the icons library. Vector icons are perfect for retina displays, and you can easily change the icon color and size right there in our page builder. See article for details

-- Google fonts can now be added on the admin level (specify which custom Google fonts need to be available in font selection boxes for all sites in your account). 

-- Images in the image library now display a "see URL" option to display the URL of the image (useful when you upload images to be used for automatic page generation). 

-- Bug fix with the image gallery not displaying images sometimes (or displaying them "half-height").


December 1, 2014

-- Improvements to Themes (ability to create responsive Themes)

-- Ability to customize Submit button style in Form widget

-- Slideshows can now contain text only (no images)

-- Ability to enter ALT tags in Image+Text widget

-- SignalMind signup for new accounts - ability to register without entering the credit card information

-- New stock background images added to the library (for pizza, coffee, etc). 

November 14, 2014

-- Add Google fonts to your sites

-- "Slideout" style for Header Menu, and additional Header Menu styling options

-- Ability to add sub-links to Header Menu

-- Ability to copy elements (widgets, rows and containers); look for the new Copy icon next to each element in the page builder

-- Add header and footer code shared between all pages on a site

-- Ability to clone reusable widgets (new created instances are normal (not reusable) elements

-- In Loyalty Program module - entering the member phone number opens the dial keypad

-- (Bug fix) the issue with the underline in rich text editor is fixed.

October 28, 2014

-- Versioning: save previous versions of pages as a backup, restore pages to previous versions.

-- Specify which features your client has access to in their site control panel. You can specify if your client has the permissions to edit the content only (no design), certain widgets only, or certain features (loyalty program, coupons, reusable widgets)

-- Email marketing pricing in loyalty programs is now based on the list size (not individual credits used). If needed, the old pricing structure can still be honored.

-- Improvements to custom image tags (ability to add custom tags to images in your image library)

-- More font size options in the font-size drop downs; ability to set font weight on headers and link buttons (bold or not bold)

-- Set webhooks for specific domains only

-- Bug fix: in image gallery items for Thumbnails gallery style the slides text was displayed in the image ALT tags

-- Added Premium Account information to the list of accounts in the API method:


October 7, 2014

-- Over 450 new images (all our icons in a larger 96x96px format) added to the library - for you to use. See these images under the Common tab (in image library) when editing a Picture widget, Image+Text or Image Gallery widgets.

-- Mobile Directory listings are now free

-- Ability to change the width of the main content area (for large screens). Before responsive pages had a set content width. Now you can change that width (for example, if you want your content area to be 1600px wide, or to take up 100% of the screen width).

-- Change the style of the text links (per page or per widget). For instance, replace the default text link underline with a custom dotted border. In Page Styles window and in widget Style Settings window, see the Text Link Settings button.

-- Ability to auto-size the inside elements in a container or row (instead of setting the % width to each element, simply click on the new "auto-size" icon in that parent element)

-- Ability to change the URL of an existing page

-- Webhooks are now available with all accounts

-- Two new infographics added to customer resources on MIX.

-- Demo websites are now displaying the gray "demo" line at the bottom of the pages only (not at the top).

-- Updated our Knowledge Base (tutorial articles and videos).


September 17, 2014

Improvements to the responsive site builder and the new Advanced Editor:

-- Re-worked the Advanced Editor interface, including improving the drag-n-drop, ability to add widgets to specific containers, insert containers and rows in specific locations, ability to add widgets in the large screen mode.
-- Ability to make rows reusable (save your site's header or footer and reuse it on other pages)
-- Set different image width for large and small screens in Image Gallery and Image+Text widgets
-- Added raw HTML editing for Image Gallery, Image+Text and Text widgets (and probably in a few other places)
-- Ability to set the page link color (in Page Styles) - for text links
-- Fixed a few annoying bugs with the rich text editor (such as the automatic insertion of a background when hitting a Detele or Backspace keys)

Additions to the API:

-- ability to manage loyalty program members via the API
-- ability to subscribe to webhooks to be notified when events happen (form submission, loyalty program member registrations or transactions) - in beta.

Also - integrate your forms with Aweber.

September 2, 2014

1. Build responsive sites on SignalMind!
Now you can create mobile-first responsive sites, or convert existing mobile-only sites into responsive.
See video, examples, and a short how-to list.

2. Ability to collapse multiple widgets under the same header.

3. New advanced editor with the preview and the builder integrated, and with the ability to place multiple items next to each other (e.g. two buttons on the same row) – for both the mobile-only and responsive pages.


July 30, 2014

1. Unlimited Free demo sites.
Now you have unlimited time to build and demo a site without paying for it. Every site you create on SignalMind is created in Demo mode (displaying a “demo” note on the frontend), and can stay in Demo mode indefinitely (not counting towards your usage) until you take it live. Once you take the site live, it goes into the old Trial mode for the first 45 days (not counted towards your usage for those 45 days).

2. Ability to link to step-by-step directions from the Map widget.
(Added an optional link in the Map widget to display step-by-step directions from the visitor’s current location).

3. Additional text option to be displayed under the Registration form in the Loyalty Program (to link to terms and conditions, or other instructions).


July 16, 2014

1. Ability to adjust (correct) transactions in the Loyalty Program module: in Member History tab, you can now add a correction transaction.
2. In Mobile Directory short search form version we’ve added the ability to change location, or enter a location (if GPS is disabled)
3. In Social Buzz widget, with “Share via email” option you can add a custom message that would be automatically embedded in visitors’ email (e.g. “Your friend wants to share this page with you: [ page URL ]“.
4. (Bug fix): in MCommerce widget currency formatting was not always displaying 2 digits after the decimal point (fixed)
5. (Bug fix): YouTube videos issue in IE11 (fixed)
6. You can now give your secondary admin users (staff members) ability to manage the API and Templates features (click on Admin Users at the top, then check the box for “Can access API and Templates”)


June 27, 2014

1. In the icon library we added the ability to search for icons by tags (e.g. search by topic, such as “restaurant”, or search by color, such as “green”). Also, you can organize images by adding your own tags to icons.

2. New image gallery styles. Our Image Gallery widget now comes with new styles and flexible options for quickly creating slick content galleries – slideshows, thumbnails, carousels or slideshows with thumbnails. To see these different styles in action, please visit this demo page.
Here is a full article on how to use our new Image Gallery styles.
We are really sorry, but the previous gallery animation styles are no longer supported.

3. Print designs for table signs and cards for promoting customer loyalty programs are posted on MIX!

4. Easily integrate your website stats and reports into an external application or site. The Stats and Reports screen now displays an iFrame URL you can use to embed the stats for that site (as an iFrame) anywhere.

5. Mobile UI improvements:
– YouTube video widget is now responsive (looks better and fits more naturally into the containing page)
– Ability to set borders and rounded corners for images in Image Gallery and Image+Text widget (see examples on this page.
– Ability to link the image in Image+Text widget, and to link the logo image in Header Menu widget.

6. API and Templates (bug fix) – the names of a page template can now be completely disconnected from the names of the pages generated based on that template.


June 6, 2014

1. Italian translation of the Loyalty Program module


June 4, 2014

1. Account admin can now create their own image library (icons, images, backgrounds) that can be shared/used by all sites and user accounts within that Premium account. (On the admin dashboard look for the link “Manage image library” on the right).

2. Ability to display a map with multiple locations in Geo Locations widget and in Mobile Directory (search results and category pages). The map displays matching locations as pins, with popup displaying location details (phone, address, description, link). To enable map and edit settings, click on the Edit Map Settings link in the Geo Location or Mobile Directory Search widgets. See example here.


May 27, 2014

1. Ability to add geo locations and coupons via the API (and upload from a spreadsheet). Finished the ability to upload a mobile directory from a spreadsheet.

2. Header Menu widget (for creating a collapsible navigation menu)

3. In the Loyalty Program Module, added the option to assign points based on visits (1 visit equals N number of points) in addition to an existing option of assigning points based on the amount spent.

4. In API templates, added YouTube and Image Gallery widgets, and the ability to copy templates.

5. Bug fix to Facebook “Like” feature.


April 25, 2014

1. Add images (to Picture widget) via external URLs (instead of uploading)

2. New Items Search & List widget, offering the ability to search your inventory items, or link to the inventory list based on parameters.

3. Ability to see coupon redemption stats (per page) on the web stats reports screen

4. Ability to export coupon redemption history for all coupons on an account

5. Download Loyalty Program member history in Excel

6. Mobile Directory simple search form – ability to set the max search distance radius

7. Modified the Social Buzz’ Facebook Like and sharing function to allow adding comments when liking or sharing.

8. Constant Contact integration – reconfigured to work with the new Constant Contact API.


April 16, 2014

1. Public API released – integrate SignalMind features into your platform. See API documentation here.

2. API Templates – dynamically generate mobile pages via the API or from an uploaded spreadsheet. See how this works.

3. Ability to upload multiple images at a time (in Picture and Image Gallery widgets)

4. On the Form widget, set a custom email “From” address for form submissions/leads notifications.


March 11, 2014

1. In the Loyalty Program module we’ve added the ability to track member statuses (e.g. Gold, Silver) based on the total number of points earned over the last 12 months.

2. API with the ability to create mobile content dynamically is in beta. Ping us if you are interested in using it now.


Feb 17, 2014

1. Beautiful mobile-friendly email design for Loyalty Program email marketing. Easily create custom emails with our email builder (that works very much like our page builder). See this blog post for more detail.

2. Ability to add and edit loyalty program members from the employee mobile interface. Also, added a Notes field (hidden to members) where employees can enter notes regarding each member.

3. Ability to sort form field options for combo-boxes and other multi-option fields.


Jan 27, 2014

1. Added the ability to configure automatic notifications in the Loyalty Program module (automatically send a welcome email to new members, and notify the business owner or yourself when members register). See the Notifications tab in the loyalty program configuration screen.

2. Date form field type on the mobile form widget. (Now you can easily include a date field on your mobile forms for collecting birthdays, dates for reservations, etc).

3. When you edit text in widgets in the WYSIWYG editor, the actual background is displayed in the editor (makes editing white text easier).

4. Added a “Password reset” feature for employees in the Loyalty Program module. Employees can now reset their password via SMS.


Jan 15, 2014

1. Loyalty program member import – include balance upload
2. More background options:
– Ability to add background images to headers, content area of a widget, and links – for each individual widget (in widget styling options), for all widgets on page or theme (see an example of that:
– For widget’s header you can now upload a picture to be used instead of text (see the example of that: – click on any header to expand)
See this article for more information

3. Improved Theme configuration options (if you create custom themes for your sites)
4. Fixed the bug with styling editing in Coupon (before the coupon style changes did not appear in the Preview window)
5. Loyalty Program Email Marketing still available in Beta – please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in adding it to your account.